Water will be sprinkled on city streets

Water will be sprinkled on city streets

To prevent pollution, the municipal corporation will spray water on major roads of the city. For this, Municipal Commissioner Vivek Ranjan Maitreya has given instructions on Thursday. In the first shift, water will be sprayed from six to nine in the morning and in the second shift from nine in the night. Five-five root charts have been made for this.

Route number one includes Akhadaghat, Saraiyaganj, Companybagh, Juranchapra, Brahmapura, Laxmi Chowk and Bairia. Route two includes Sikanderpur, Stadium Road, Marine Drive Road, Laxmi Chowk and New Police Line. Route 3 includes Saraiaganj, Umbrella Bazaar, Banaras Bank Chowk, Pakki Sarai and Jail Road. Route four includes Pakki Sarai, Chaturbhuj Sthan Road, Hathi Chowk and Mithanpura. Route five includes Chaturbhuj Sthan Road, Shukla Road, Purani Bazaar, Baba Garibnath Temple Road and Umbrella Market. In these routes, water will be sprayed in the morning shift.

Route number one of Raat Wali Pali includes Saraiyaganj, Jawaharlal Road, Kalyani, Motijheel, Imlichhatti and Madipur. Route number two includes Kalyani, Kedarnath Road, Sahu Pokhar, Sahu Road, Chhoti Kalyani, Harisabha Chowk and Pani Tanki Chowk. Route three has included Mithanpura, Sadpura, Aghoria Bazar, Kamalbagh Road, Lenin Chowk, Madipur, Power House Chowk and Gobarsahi. Route four includes Harisabha Chowk, Amgola, Aghoria Bazar, Ramdayalunagar and Kachchi-Pakki. Route five includes Hathi Chowk, Goshala Road, Khadi Bhandar Road and Kanhauli.



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