Dedicated Traffic Police for Muzaffarpur – Government Ordered

muzaffarpur traffic police

Government has taken decision for the establishment for Dedicated Traffic Police for Muzaffarpur. Recently 165 posts were created based on the Population of Muzaffarpur in 2017 survey. Home Ministry has given a notification on that. Also, In Muzaffarpur we are witnessing that we are facing lots of problem in traffic. […]

Live in Concert With Pankaj Udhas at Amarpali Auditorium Muzaffarpur

pankaj udhas show amrapali muzaffarpur

Enjoy the Biggest Concern at Muzaffarpur The biggest musical eve in the history of Muzaffarpur. This is a musical event organised by Phoenix Events & Wedding Planner & Hoteljk Residency. Where Renowned Bollywood Singer “Padamshree”Pankaj Udhas will perform. Our Creative Partner is Creative ADDA and Muzaffarpur Smart City Club is the promotional Partner of this event. […]

Muzaffarpur temperature reaches 3.8 degree Celsius

muzaffarpur cold

Severe Cold in North India 3.8º C Witnessed on 9th of January 2018 Muzaffarpur is witnessing temperature of around 3.80 degree Celsius. There is increase is death due to cold. School Colleges are advised to remain closed. Local Government is taking necessary steps for that. Here is the complete Report […]

Plastic cabbage (प्लास्टिक की गोभी) found in Muzaffarpur: Be Alert

plastic cabbage in muzaffarpur

सावधान : क्या #मुजफ्फरपुर के लोग प्लास्टिक की गोभी तो नहीं खा रहे?? आज एक साथ मुजफ्फरपुर में कई जगहों से प्लास्टिक की बनी गोभी मिलने की खबर आ रही हैं। आम तौर पर सब्ज़ी मंडी में बिकने वाला गोभी प्लास्टिक की बनी हैं! तो मुज़फ्फरपुरवासियो सावधान हो जाइये, कहीं […]

Big LED Screen for Baba Garibnath Superb View


Baba Garibnath Dham Muzaffarpur A Big LED Screen has been fixed in the Mandir Campus for the view of Shivling , Now Baba Garibnath can be view in all better way.  From the Second Somwari people will see this, the Decision to fix LED Screen was taken by DM of […]

मुजफ्फरपुर में श्रावणी मेला का शुभारंभ – Garibasthan Mobile App


बिहार के मुजफ्फरपुर में श्रावणी मेला 2017 का भव्य शुभारंभ हो चुका है. राज्य के भूमि सुधार एवं राजस्व मंत्री मदन मोहन झा ने दीप जलाकर मेले की शुरुआत की. इस मौके पर उन्होंने मुजफ्फरपुर के धार्मिक स्थानों से संबंधित पुस्तक विरासत का भी लोकार्पण किया. इसके अलावे जिला प्रशासन द्वारा बनाए […]

Muzaffarpur at the height of 13,800 feet – Himalayan Trekking Expedition

National Himalayan Trekking Expedition, SAR Pass 2017 Hi Muzaffarpur under the Youth Hostel Association of India,  Anchit Sambhav, for carrying beautiful team with you and making Muzaffarpur proud, hope next year it will be great. They said that They have Completed the National Himalayan Trekking Expedition, SAR Pass 2017, as a […]

Pulsar Fest 2017 at LS College Muzaffarpur 

Get Ready for the Ultimate Fest for Pulsarmaniacs Pulsar Fest, an ultimate event for biking enthusiasts and Pulsar owners, it includes Pulsar Stunt Mania – Stunt shows by GhostRyderz, an exclusive display and test drives of all new 2017 pulsar collection. Also an offer are free Service camps and special […]