OHE wire stolen from Ramdayalu, two arrested

OHE wire stolen from Ramdayalu, two arrested

Thieves burglarized two large bundles of foreign copper over head electric (OHE) wire at the Tower Wagon Shed of Ramdayalu Nagar station at around 1 pm on Wednesday. The thieves carried bundles of wire for about two hours. Meanwhile the lineman got information about it. At three o’clock on the information, all the officers including RPF Inspector VP Verma conducted an access search operation on the spot. In the raid, two thieves were arrested while carrying wire. On their spotlight, the OHE wire hidden in the bushes was recovered. It is being told that the price of OHE wire is more than two lakhs. However, RPF is assessing this.

RPF Inspector said that four vicious men had executed the incident together. Two accused, Ram Kumar Lalunagar resident Rahul Kumar alias Deepak and
Bhilanpura resident Billu Paswan, have been arrested. Both were sent to jail after questioning on Thursday. RPF has also filed FIR against Pradyuman 
and Mukul Paswan of Bhikhanpura. Pradyuman is the kingpin of the gang. Many locations were raided in search of absconding vicious people.

More than a dozen cases filed against Pradyuman
RPF Inspector said that Pradyuman is a vicious thief. He has been to jail many times. In addition to GRP, more than a dozen cases have been registered in 
Hajipur and other police stations. He told that the vicious gang of Ramdialu place the coin at the point of outer signal in the middle of the city-Turkey. 
The train stops when the signal is red and steals vicious, mobile and other belongings of the passengers and escapes viciously.





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