“Chankya tum laut Roy” A Magazine from Shivdas Pandey

शहर के गौरव श्री शिवदास पाण्डेय जी को “चाणक्य तुम लौट आओ” उपान्यास के लिए दिल्ली में 17 मई 2017 को साहित्य श्री राष्ट्रीय पुरस्कार से सम्मानित किया जायेगा। Check out her details : Shivdas Pandey Soon You will able to buy his writings from here  Muzaffarpur Smart City Club […]

“Always Be Mine” – A Book by Neha Daraad

Presenting “Always Be Mine” Presenting First look of “ALWAYS BE MINE” A book by Neha Daraad….. Cover design by inkstudioz. Inside of the Book : Well, this is a romantic fiction. It is a love story which goes through ups and down. In this story we can see how broken relationship […]