Vaccine may be up to 90 percent effective in preventing Covid-19: Pfizer

Vaccine may be up to 90 percent effective in preventing Kovid-19: Pfizer

Leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer has said that analysis of its vaccine has shown that it can be up to 90 percent effective in stopping Covid-19. This indicates that the company’s testing of the vaccine is going well and it may file an application with the US regulator in this regard.

The announcement made by the company on Monday does not mean that the vaccine will arrive soon. Analysis of the data independently led to this interim conclusion. The study covered about 44,000 people in the US and five other countries.

Pfizer did not elaborate on this and said that the results may change by the end of the study. Dr. Bill Gruber, Pfizer’s senior vice president of clinical development, said, “We are not in a position to raise any hope yet.” However, we are quite excited by the results.

Pfizer and its German subsidiary BioNotech are also in the process of preparing vaccines to protect against Covid-19. Another US company Moderna has also said that it is likely to file applications with the regulator Food and Drug Administration this month.


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