New corona guidelines of home ministry? Learn everything in 13 points

New corona guidelines of home ministry Learn everything in 13 points

The Union Home Ministry said on Wednesday that states may impose local restrictions such as the night curfew to prevent the spread of corona, but will have to consult the Center before any lockdown is imposed outside the prohibited areas. The Union Home Ministry issued guidelines such as monitoring, prevention and precaution for December, saying that the main goal of the directive is the success achieved in the country against Kovid-19, It has to be maintained. Due to the strategy, there is a steady decline in the number of under-treated patients in the country. The guideline states that in some states, keeping in mind the recent increase in cases, the festive season and the onset of cold, it is emphasized that caution is very important for prevention of epidemics. The prescribed strategy for prevention will have to be strictly followed.

13 important things from Corona’s new guidelines

1- Ministry said that prevention strategy should focus on monitoring, other measures. The guidelines and standard operating procedure (SOP) issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health should be strictly followed.

2- The ministry said, states can implement local restrictions like night curfew to prevent the spread of Kovid-19 based on an assessment of the situation.

3- State governments shall not impose any type of local lockdown (at the state, district, subdivision, city level) outside the prohibited areas without consultation with the central government. The guidelines will be effective from December 1 to December 31.

4- The Ministry has also issued an order directing guidelines related to monitoring, measures and vigilance to curb Kovid infection which will come into effect from December 1. The ministry has asked all states and union territories to implement these guidelines strictly.

5- It is emphasized in the guidelines that steps should be taken to strengthen it by retaining the success achieved by the country so far in the campaign against Corona. It has been emphasized that all the guidelines in the Containment Zone should be fully implemented and only mandatory services activity should be allowed there. It has been asked to completely stop the entry and exit of the containment zone. Special precaution has also been asked in crowded areas.

6- States and Union Territories have been asked to take special precautions in view of festivals and winter season and the District, Local Administration, Municipal Corporation and Police guidelines and standard operating procedures of Ministry of Home Affairs and Union Health and Family Welfare Accountable for implementing It has also been asked to ensure accountability of officials.

7- In the guidelines, the state governments have been asked to limit the number of people attending social and religious ceremonies to hundred and even less if required.

8- In the guidelines, it has been asked to carefully assess the containment zone and put its list on the website. Apart from this, it has also been asked to form a team for door-to-door survey and monitoring. Provision has also been made in the guidelines to locate infected people and ensure their quarantine.

9- States and Union Territories have been asked to ensure that all people wear masks, keep hands clean and maintain social distance. The administration is also free to take disciplinary action including fine on public and workplaces.

10- In order to ensure social distance in view of congestion in large markets, weekly markets and modes of public transport, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will issue standard operating procedures which all have to be strictly followed.All types of activities outside the Containment Zone are already permitted with conditions and no changes have been made.

11- No changes have also been made in the guidelines applicable for international travel, cinema hall, swimming pool, exhibition and social and religious ceremonies. The number of people participating in these events will be limited to 200 or half the hall capacity. However, as per the situation, the number of people joining it can be reduced to a hundred or more.

12- The guidelines state that the local administration may also implement measures like night curfew as per the situation but it is not allowed to implement any kind of full ban outside the containment zone without the permission of the central government.

13- In states and union territories where the rate of infection is more than 10 percent, the time of offices can be further reduced. There will be no restriction on movement within and outside the states. The elderly, people suffering from various diseases, pregnant women and children below ten years of age have been advised to stay in their homes. It has also been asked to promote the use of Arogya Setu App.







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