The young man missing from Sheikhupura Kharauna Dih in love

Muzaffarpur : Sheikhupura in love Muzaffarpur Biswajit went missing man ‘s name . Saturday night about police tried to figure out , but could not find him . Meanwhile, the police arrested the girl ‘s father , came to Muzaffarpur in love with Biswajit .

Says the girl ‘s father , the young men will be back on Sunday . The young man said he wished to do things on paper bonds are filed . The police is investigating the matter . According to information , Biswajit thirty years Menhus of Sheikhpura village is home . His father’s name is Arun Kumar . Biswajit Voter ID card of the information received . Police say , Biswajit ‘s sister city college BA was cleared . Residents of a woman with the same Kharauna Dih was giving the exam . Is said Biswajit ‘s sister and that woman was the friendship . Biswajit Meanwhile, the acquaintance went to the young lady . The matter remaining courtship on page 21

Sheikhupura says the young man , the last one and a half months Biswajit was bothering him .

Meanwhile, on Saturday said Biswajit Ptahi woman called and called on the plaza . Are told , the girl did so under pressure from their families . Although it has not been confirmed . However , when the woman arrived at the airport near the plaza Ptahi Biswajit ‘s family surrounded him . Then, he was beaten . He was enrolled on bond paper . Sources , Biswajit the beating was bleeding from the head .

By Biswajit on bond paper were enrolled , said talks were continuing with the woman . Ptahi he did about it constantly . On Saturday he came Ptahi sees the people around him . In the meantime I started running . During this time, my head hurt from falling .

Here, the information in ruins after five stations Kharauna Dih woman police raided the residence . Biswajit has been recovered from the motorcycle during this period , but did not know about Biswajit . Police then took the girl ‘s father came to the police station . Late night was being questioned . The girl ‘s father told police the whole affair . He says Biswajit will be back on Sunday . However , police officials say , the girl ‘s father is constantly changing statements . If you do not return on Sunday Biswajit further action will be taken in this case . However , it also revealed , Biswajit Ptahi Muzaffarpur town came before . He had booked a room at a hotel here . The police is investigating the matter .

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Krunadih have been raided . Biswajit In view of the possibility of missing a fireplace is also raided . If you do not Biswajit Sunday against the father of the damsel in this case, action will be taken .

Ajay Kumar , DSP , Western

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