Good News: Mega Skill Center to open for Employment Training at ITI Bhawan in every district of Bihar

Good News: Mega Skill Center to open for Employment Training at ITI Bhawan in every district of Bihar

Mega skill center in districts to open for training youth in Bihar

The state government is going to open mega skill centers in the districts to provide employment training to the youth in Bihar. The center is planned to open in government ITIs of every district. These centers will be run by private agencies. The Department of Labor Resources will keep a close watch on it. The entire layout of the department is busy preparing it.

The state government has pledged to create a self-sufficient Bihar through the Chief Minister’s seven-year plan. The biggest emphasis in this is on making the youth efficient for employment and self-employment. In this sequence, one mega skill center is to be set up in all the districts of the state. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar instructed to open these centers soon. After that, the labor resources department is busy preparing its detailed action plan. For example, where will the centers open, what will be the training system, how will the centers be operated, where will the buildings be… etc.

Labor Resources Minister Jeevesh Kumar has instructed departmental officers to start Mega Skill Center soon. These mega skill centers will be operated in buildings of ITI or BSDM in all the districts. For this, no new building is planned at this time. The department has neither human resources nor subject matter experts in such numbers. Therefore, the responsibility of their operation will be entrusted to private agencies. The department will conduct complete monitoring of training to be held here.

Training in employment courses will be given

Mega skill centers will not have old and traditional training. In these centers, state-of-the-art experts will impart training in new and employable fields. These will include mobile repairing, plumber, electrician, solar system and other required courses.

Tool rooms will be in divisional headquarters

A proposal to open a tool room in every divisional headquarters for training under self-sufficient Bihar is also being prepared and sent to the center. These centers will be opened with the help of the central government. The land has to be made available to the state government. Mega skill centers will be opened in every district in the ITI or BSDM building. They will be run by private agencies but the department will keep a close watch. Training provided in these centers creates new employment opportunities in the state


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