9.94 lakh counterfeit notes seized : Muzaffarpur Railway Station

duplicate money mfp station
duplicate money mfp station

Muzaffarpur : 9.94 Muzaffarpur railway station premises are seized counterfeit notes . Two people have been arrested in this connection . Both are residents of Nautn of Bettiah . Arrest Diarai ( Directorate of Revenue Intelligence ) of the joint team of Muzaffarpur and Patna . Interrogation of the accused were released late Sunday night .

Diarai senior intelligence officer Shivendra Satyarthy secret was reported on Sunday that upcoming large consignment of fake notes . Alarmed formed a special team of Patna and Muzaffarpur , Ashok Kumar Jha , Dhirendra Kumar , Pradeep Pandey , Aditya Ranjan , Rajan Kumar , experiences Kumar , Vimal Kumar , BL Paswan and covers Waian Ti .

Junction and the outer campus of the team members had laid a trap to catch smugglers . Diarai both arrested by the team . Nautn West Champaran district residents identified as Pradeep Yadav and Ramctri Yadav said. Bundle of rupees have been recovered from them .

Is said to dodge Diarai note Bettiah traffickers were taking note of the new path . Both batch of notes ranging from Bangladesh arrived in Kolkata . Bandel station to reach there by bus while riding in Mithila Express . Flights from them to Sugauli recovered from Bandel . Pradeep Yadav admitted during interrogation , he now has 10 times Bangladesh . So far, more than one million fake currency notes from Bangladesh ‘s bought . Pradeep is recognized as a major achievement for Diarai arrest . Diarai to elude authorities say that in Muzaffarpur Pradeep went off while he was a railway ticket to Sugauli . Muzaffarpur, Bettiah he was going to catch the bus , but before his arm went up . Enquiries revealed that Pradeep Yadav different currency smuggling gang . Diarai interrogated officials were busy in the evening .

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