The process of enrollment of 89 thousand students of the first list accelerated

The process of enrollment of 89 thousand students of the first list accelerated

BRABU University

College students thronged on Monday to enroll in graduation. In the city and rural areas also, students went out of the house for admission to colleges. On October 31, the merit list was issued by BRA Bihar University for admission in 74 colleges in six districts. Admission was to begin from November 2, but due to the elections in the second and third phase, the enrollment process in most colleges remained sluggish. Enrollment in some colleges took place during this period, but students arrived in very small numbers.

From Monday, enrollment in all colleges gained momentum. Apart from LS College, RDS College, MDDM College, RBBM College, LNT College, Lohia College, Nitishwar College, Rameshwar College, MP Sinha Science College, MSKB College, the city also saw a rush of students. In many colleges, online admission fee was submitted after certificate check. In other colleges the amount was taken through challan.

Daily report on university website: After the enrollment is over, colleges have to upload the entire report daily on the university website. This time the roll number and registration number of the class is also allotted for the students from the university. For the one lakh seven thousand seats, the first list of 89 thousand students has been released by the university.

Number of vacant seats to be announced after 15: Students have to get admission by November 15 on the basis of the first list. After this, students living outside the meritlist can apply again by changing the subject.

UMIS Coordinator Dr. Lalan Kumar Jha said that students will be given a chance of four days after 15 before issuing second meritlist. Those who have not appeared in the meritlist can change if they wish to change the subject of Honors. After November 15, the number of vacant seats will also be released on the website. After this, the Second Meritlist will be removed.


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