The city must stop on polythene

polytehene use in MuzaffarpurThe city must stop on polythene

Now is the time to goodbye to polythene . Is it bad impact on the environment and health . The public will have to address . It Jurn things in Chapra on Sunday under the aegis of Guru Maa Centre Medico Sudhir held polyethylene now saying goodbye ‘ awareness program held at Town MLA Suresh Sharma said . He said that many of polythene disease spreads . This awareness is important to stop .

Polythene physician Dr. Virendra Kishore said the country is devastated . It has entered into every area of ​​life . House to house in the carry bag is being used . For this reason the city’s sewers are jammed . When the sewerage water for a long time , then he caught the deadly disease is born . He said that the ban on polythene petroleum can be saved . Bangladesh has banned its use . Sahai Kumod advocate , awareness can prevent it . Ajay Kumar Sudhir Sinha ‘s medico banned . Chemists Association president and secretary Prabhakar Kumar Rakesh Kumar said the city’s campaign to free medicine practitioner Polithi fine.

Avtar Singh -stage operation . The organizer Ajay Kumar Sinha , Sudhir Kumar , Ajit Kumar , Sunil Kumar. Dr. Virendra teenager at the time , Dr. Rajiv Bhushan Singh , Dr KC Sinha , Kumod Thakur , Dr BB Thakur , Bhubaneswar Prasad Sinha , Sadhana Satyananda , HL Gupta , Dr Chandra et Fnis spoke .

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