Advocate divided into two camps on withdrawal of resignation

Bar Association _ MuzaffarpurAdvocate divided into two camps on withdrawal of resignation
District Bar Association advocates the General Assembly on Saturday froze commotion . Proceedings had to be adjourned due to uproar . President of the Association of Shivmohan could not decide on withdrawal of resignation .On the instructions of the State Bar Council advocates convened at the House Bar Library Hall . Sacchidanand the general secretary Shiv Mohan Singh Sabha Speaker then put the question of withdrawal of resignation advocates began protesting . Advocate on the issue of withdrawal of resignation were divided into two camps .

Many advocate against resign withdraw support and many were standing . Chaotic House – was panic situation . The Secretary-General tried to silence them . However, he could not succeed . In such case was adjourned . Could not proceeding to sign the book advocates . State Bar Council informed the Secretary General of the matter . After receiving instructions from there further action will be taken . Please tell the executive meeting on Friday was convened . Withdraw his resignation at a meeting held after the case was stalled . Due to adjourn the meeting it was decided to call a general meeting on Saturday . Jaymngl Prasad , vice president of the Bar Association at the meeting , several members of the executive and advocate than Treta Kumar Dubey were present .

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