Natural Cure Home will rejuvenate

On the initiative of Mahatma Gandhi Sarvodaya Village , Knhuli founded in 1946 by the then- congressman public plans will soon be restored to natural healing home . News of the Institute gathering dust ‘ morning news’ was published on Tuesday in the city MLA Suresh Sharma inspected. Secretary of the institute . During the inspection of the medical home – except for one room steam bath , hip bath , enema at home etc. Rs worn condition – B – to Rs . Not yet determined assessment of the institution upon details of Mushri Ancladikari Taking it seriously was immediately directed to take action . He has also written for it immediately .

During the inspection of North Bihar MLA Shri Sharma said that the hospital is the only institution where the ancient natural healing system ( naturopaths ) injectable drug is used to treat people without . It was never sway . Today that is not the case . The renovation project of approximately one million NGOs in drafting assembly in 2011 under option two – were questioned twice . The government sought the inquiry report from the district magistrate was given incorrectly . The report told it was a private institution . While it is a public institution . The government rejected the project .

The restructuring of the committee as soon Prmondliy Commissioner patron , collector or other officer shall also added . During the inspection of public administrators Natural Cure Home Krishna Murari Prasad Sinha , Dr Pradeep Kumar Jha were also present besides other employees .

63 years old rent arrears
Natural Cure Home is located at 18 Ktte public land . Holding the tax if it is stored . But , when the Institute opened , ie 63 years ever since the rent has not been deposited . Reportedly has not yet determined the rent . The institute 7 Ktte land was donated by aid social skills . The other land was purchased . Road side of the ground rent is approximately a dozen professional shop .

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