Tejashwi’s birthday today, will tomorrow be a historic birthday gift?

Tejeswi Yadav

After the completion of Bihar assembly elections 2020, now everyone’s eyes are on the results. Election results are due on 10. Earlier, today is the birthday of Tejashwi Yadav, the RJD leader and chief ministerial candidate of the Grand Alliance. Although the exit poll has already given a birthday gift to former chief ministers Lalu Yadav and Rabri Devi’s Lal Tejashwi, what will be the historical birthday gift tomorrow? For this, we will have to wait and wait for one day. Tejashwi, who started his career in cricket, learned the politics of politics at home and then broke away from cricket and took over his father’s political legacy. However, both Laloo’s Lal are in the field of politics. But the responsibility of leading the legacy is given to Tejashwi. He single-handedly took charge of the RJD amid the lack of a father in the Bihar Assembly elections 2020 and according to the exit poll brought the party great success.

RJD workers will celebrate their birthday with great

simplicity, enthusiasm

In the exit poll, RJD activists are very excited about the birthday boy due to the grand alliance government and Tejashwi’s chances of becoming the chief minister, but the party made it clear that he would celebrate his birthday on Monday with great simplicity. Information about this decision of Tejashwi Yadav has also been given to all the partymen. In this regard, a tweet from Ajedi.

It has written – a humble request to all well-wishers and supporters that you stay at home and avoid personally congratulating the leader of the opposition  @yadavtejashwi ji, respecting his personal decision to celebrate his birthday in a simple manner.








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