Muzaffarpur temperature reaches 3.8 degree Celsius

muzaffarpur cold

Severe Cold in North India 3.8º C Witnessed on 9th of January 2018 Muzaffarpur is witnessing temperature of around 3.80 degree Celsius. There is increase is death due to cold. School Colleges are advised to remain closed. Local Government is taking necessary steps for that. Here is the complete Report […]

Weather Updates of Muzaffarpur : Monsoon will start from 10th June

Monsoon will arrive on time in Muzaffarpur Rain and wind will come at same pace as heat you are witnessing The current temperature of Muzaffarpur is varying from minimum of 21 Degree Celsius to Maximum of 34 Degree Celsius. The Rain will come will effect from low to high wind. […]

Muzaffarpur 2nd Most polluted city in India, Patna 4th – Smart City Vision

Muz 2nd Most polluted city in India, Patna 4th The north Bihar divisional head quaters town of Muzaffarpur selected in August as one of just three cities in BIhar to be developed as among 100′ smart cities in the country has now made its mark for its high air pollution. […]

Monsoon Just Arrived in Muzaffarpur – The Rainy season begins

Now, get Relaxed as Monsoon Arrived It was having total hot day though out. After the arrival of Rainy season the monsoon people are going to have relaxed. North Bihar along with Muzaffarpur is experiencing  and relief from Hot weather. The Meteorological department has told that it will rain for […]

Earth Quake Reported in Muzaffarpur : 3 times

Earth Quake Reported in Muzaffarpur, Samastipur and North Bihar A Magnitude of quake 7.5 on the Richter scale, epi centre at Nepal is the news as reported by IMD. Muzaffarpur and North Bihar experienced it today for the third time. All the people came out of their home as they feeled it. […]