Saraswati puja celebration in Muzaffarpur

muzaffarpur saraswati pujaSaraswati puja is celebrating today in Muzaffarpur. In every locality of the town people are celebrating this puja.People were decorating Pandals and statues of godess Saraswati.The puja is celebrating in many places of our city include Lenin Chowk, Kalambagh Chowk,Banaras Bank Chowk and Kalyani.Different puja commitys are doing hard working for this puja from yesterday.From yesterday afternoon,the shops of statues are full.People were buy the statues as many as possible.Instead this people were also comes from rural area to buy the stsatues and necessary things which is required for puja.

Om this occasion the traffic system and security of the town is tight.More than 300 magistrate and lots of police force were alloted in town.A unit of fire control force is also posted in town.City control room should be open till 26 January.City  control number is 0621-2212377.

Saraswati puja is celebrating on different places of today. Om this ocassion different cultural program are schedule.The schedule is as follows.

08:30 AM – Smidha Coaching Centrer(Kanti)

10:00 AM – Vandana Parental girls hostel(Pani Tanki)

10:00 AM – G.D.Mission School(Behind Bariya bus stand),

Bhama Boys hostel 1(Bihar University),

Ekta Chatra Parisada(New Colony,Balughat),

Prithavi Chatra Parisada(Gola bandha Road)

10:30 AM – Surangma Art centre(chakbasu)

11:00 AM – Cambridge prep. public school(Bhampura)

01:00 PM – Ekta milan Parishad(Jangli maisthan)

06:00 PM – Sangit Parishad(Banaras Bank Chowk)

06:00 PM – Cultural program(Vandana parental girls hostel)

06:00 PM – Cultural program(MDDM College)

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