Maha Shivaratri at Baba Garibnath Temple,Muzaffarpur

Few days left for the great festival of convergence of Lord Shiva and Shakti (Goddess Parvati),“Maha Shivaratri”. This auspicious day many devotees worship Lord Shiva by day and night long fasting.1.51 lakh Rudraksh have been used to decorate 11 feet Shiva Ling and lord Nandi at Baba Garibnath Temple,Muzaffarpur. Devotees […]

Holi Celebrations in Muzaffarpur – The Festivals of Colours

This time the celebration of colours in Muzaffarpur will be celebrated on the Friday and Holika Dahan in the Thrusday night. On the eve of Holi, lots of celebrations are going under and we are giving its name as Holi Milan. Muzafarpur City .com wishes you a happy Holi, Celebrate […]

Saraswati puja celebration in Muzaffarpur

Saraswati puja is celebrating today in Muzaffarpur. In every locality of the town people are celebrating this puja.People were decorating Pandals and statues of godess Saraswati.The puja is celebrating in many places of our city include Lenin Chowk, Kalambagh Chowk,Banaras Bank Chowk and Kalyani.Different puja commitys are doing hard working for […]

Dhanteras Celebration in Muzaffarpur

Its Festival time, Dipawali  is on 23rd of October. on the 21st of October . Dhanteras ( Hindi : धनतेरस, Sanskrit/Marathi : धनत्रयोदशी) is the first day of the five-day Diwali Festival as celebrated in India. The festival, known as “Dhanatrayodashi” or “Dhanvantari Trayodashi”.The word Dhan means wealth and Teras […]