Hridaysthali an example of social works in muzaffarpur

Hriyaashthali muzaffarpurThe “Hridaysthali” which is situated in Tilak Maidan Road,is the example of Mahatma Gandhi’s human efforts.Mahatama Gandhi has has inaugrated this place for the help of earthquake victims. Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) feels so much pain due to this earthquake, that he suspended the Non-Cooperative Movement and help the victims of this earthquake.So,that’s why not only the Hridaysthali is a national treasure but also a great example of human help. Feedom fighter and member of legislative assembly Shafi Daudi had given the 2 acre land near tilak maidan to the “Servant of India Society”Allahabad.And in this time,On January 15,1934 the earthquake had being a big issue nationwide.The earthquake had effected Muzaffarpur and Mungar the most in Bihar. Bapu come here previously in 1917 for “Nihal Andolan” and on December 7,1920 for “Khifilat Movement” with Ali brothers.When Bapu heard the news about Muzaffarpur and Mungar,he feel so much pain,that he quickly suspented the Non-cooperative movement and helps the victims of earthquake.

Bapu had started the helping movement from village to village and he should himself inaugurated this movement.The proof of that movement is present there, an embossed stone,which is going to be vanished slowly.Presently this monuement is fighting for his esistance,due to negliance of Municipal corporation.

Hriyaashthali stone muzaffarpur

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