e stamp in muzaffarpur

e stamp in muzaffarpure-Stamp in Muzaffarpur

Now no need to Pay Extra for E-stamp

E-STAMP will start selling in Muzaffarpur after the capital Patna from this 7 July. The old registry office has been allocated to the stock holding company as well as the task will be organised by him very soon. After the sale of e-stamp will give relief to the consumer. The government trying to encourage the consumer to buy E- stamp and also will planning to sell in other district.

For E- Stamp of Rs.100 to 1000 consumer neither will have to wander nor will they have to pay extra money for it. according to need of consumer, e-stamp up to 10 to 5000 rupees will be available. The high price category stamp will be sell on cash as well consumer could be use checks for buying it.

Just visit Registry office of Muzaffarpur to obtain it.

Details of Sub Registrar offices

SL D.S.R./Sub-Registrar Name of office District Address Mobile Email-id
1 Satyanarayan Choudhary Patna Sadar Patna District Sub-Registry Office, Patna Sadar, Chhajubagh,In-front of Judges Quater, P.s -Kotwali, Patna -800001 9431055909 [email protected]
2 Smt Aparna, JSR Patna Sadar Patna District Sub-Registry Office, Patna Sadar, Chhajubagh,In-front of Judges Quater, P.s -Kotwali, Patna -800001 8877258055 [email protected]
3 Navin Kumar Patna City  Patna Sub Registry Office, Old City Court , SDO Campus, Patna City, Patna -800007 9304142177 [email protected]
4 Vinay Kumar Parsad Danapur Patna Sub Registry Office,Near Nagar Parishad Takiyapar, Danapur, Patna-800012 9931988704 [email protected]
5 Amit Kumar Mandal Barh Patna Sub Registry Office, S.D.M Office Campus, Barh, Patna – 803213 9934493566 [email protected]
6 Md Shakil Raza Masourhi Patna Sub Registry Office, Near Masaurhi Gandhi Maidan, Masaurhi, Patna -804452 9470646707 [email protected]
7 Priyadarshan Bikram Patna Sub Registry Office, Aaspura, Bikram -Pali Main Road, Bikram, Patna – 801104 9631546927 [email protected]
8 Smt Aparna Phulwarisharif Patna Sub Registry Office, AIIMS Road Near Bochha-Chak,Phulwarisharif, Patna -801505 8877258055 [email protected]
9 Manish Kumar Nalanda Sadar Nalanda District Sub-Registry Office,Near Amber Chowk, Nalanda College, Nalanda -803101 9430651455 [email protected]
10 Jaya Hilsa Nalanda Sub Registry Office, SDM office campus, Hilsa, Nalanda -801302 8986182494 [email protected]
11 Chandrakanta Kumari Rajgir Nalanda Sub Registry Office, SDM office campus, Rajgir, Nalanda-803116 9472978566 [email protected]
12 Sumeshwer Kumar Ara Sadar Bhojpur District Sub-Registry Office, kachahari More,Near Vidya Bhawan, Old Police Line Road, Bhojpur(Ara) – 802301 9931455677 [email protected]
13 Dhananjay Kumar Rao Jagdishpur Bhojpur Sub Registry Office, Near Sarkari Chowk, Kachahari Road, Jagdishpur, Bhojpur(Ara)-802158 9955329825 [email protected]
14 Dhananjay Kumar Rao Piro Bhojpur Sub Registry Office, Ground Floor Joint SDO Bhawan, Piro, Bhojpur(Ara)-802207 9955329825 [email protected]
15 Nigam Prakash Jwala Sasaram Sadar Rohtas District Sub-Registry Office, Sub Divisional Office Campus, Opposite Of Civil Court, Sasaram, Rohtas – 821115 7761813121 [email protected]
16 Girish Chandra Bikramganj  Rohtas Sub Registry Office, Near Thana chowk ,Bikramganj, Rohtas(Sasaram)-802212 8757618786 [email protected]
17 Prashant Kumar Rohtas Rohtas Sub Registry Office,Near civil court, Dehri On-Son, Rohtas -802211 8521094520 [email protected]
18 Dr. Yashpal Buxar Sadar Buxar District Sub-Registry Office, Old Court Road, Near Munim Chowk, Buxar-802101 9234708989 [email protected]
19 Tarkeshwar Pandey Bhabhua Sadar Kaimur District Sub-Registry Office, Civil Court Campus, Kaimur(Bhabhua) – 821101 9304116210 [email protected]
20 Naresh Vishwakarma Mohaniya Kaimur Sub Registry Office,Block campus, Mohaniya, Kaimur(Bhabhua) -821109 9835547084 [email protected]
21 Smt. Riwa Choudhary Gaya Sadar Gaya District Sub Registry Office, Behind Civil Court, Haridas Chattarjee Lane,Gaya -823001 9470445068 [email protected]
22 Ajay Kumar Singh Sherghati Gaya Sub Registry Office,Oppsite Sherghati Thana, Sherghati, Gaya -824211 9308137390 [email protected]
23 Rinki Kumari Tikari Gaya Sub Registry Office, Near New Bus Stand, Tekari, Gaya -824236 8969853106 [email protected]
24 Smt. Riwa Choudhary Nimchak Bathani Gaya Sub Registry Office, SDO Campus, Khijarsarai, Gaya -824233 9470445068 [email protected]
25 Md. Javed Ansari Jahanabad Sadar Jahanabad District Sub-Registry Office ,Near Civil Court, National Highway 83, Jahanabad – 804417 9631859004 [email protected]
26 Pankaj Kumar JHA Arwal Sadar Arwal District Sub-Registry Office, SDM Premises, Near civil court, Arwal -804401 9771047140 [email protected]
27 Sushil Kumar Suman Nawada Sadar Nawada District Sub-Registry Office,Old Court Road, Nawada – 805110 9431620678 [email protected]
28 Aditi Kumari Rajouli Nawada Sub Registry Office, SDO Office Campus,Rajauli, Nawada – 805125 8102851356 [email protected]
29 Zainuddin Ansari Aurangabad Sadar Aurangabad District Sub-Registry Office, Zila Parishad Campus,Block More, Aurangabad-824101 9431426188 [email protected]
30 Pappu Kumar Daudnagar Aurangabad Sub Registry Office, Nagar Parishad Campus, Daudnagar, Aurangabad-824143 9199402979 [email protected]
31 Sanjay Kumar Chhapra Sadar Aurangabad District Sub-Registry Office, Collectoriate Campus, Saran(Chhapra) – 841301 9199823483 [email protected]
32 Amit Kumar Ekma Saran Sub Registry Office,Main Road Ekma, Near High school,Ekma, Saran(chhapra)-841208 9661753750 [email protected]
33 Amit Kumar Mashrakh Saran Sub Registry Office,Block Campus, Mashrakh, Saran(Chhapra) -841417 9661753750 [email protected]
34 Sunil Kumar Ranjan (DCLR) Marhoura Saran Sub Registry Office, Near Marhoura Thana,Marhoura,Saran(Chhapra)-841418 9431425033 [email protected]
35 Kumar Ankleshwer Parsa Saran Sub Registry Office, Parsa Main Road,Parsa, Saran(Chhapra)-841219 8987287109 [email protected]
36 Anwar Alam Sonpur ,Saran Sonpur ,Saran Sub Registry Office,Sub Divisional Joint Building, Sonpur,Saran(Chhapra) – 841101 9470647860 [email protected]
37 Sunil Kumar Siwan Sadar Siwan District Sub-Registry Office, Jai Prakash Chowk,Near Post Office, Siwan-841226 9431597885 [email protected]
38 Sanjeev Kr Sharma Darouli Siwan Sub Registry Office,In-Front Of Central Bank of India, Darouli, Siwan – 841234 8544412916 [email protected]
39 Nand Pratap Basantpur Siwan Sub Registry Office, Malmaliya Road, Basantpur, Siwan -841406 8084863151 [email protected]
40 Dharmendra Kumar Dubey Barhariya Siwan Sub Registry Office, Behind Barhariya Block,Barhariya, Siwan-841232 9006767977 [email protected]
41 Nand Pratap Maharajganj Siwan Sub Registry Office, Near Railway Station, Maharajganj, Siwan – 841238 8084863151 [email protected]
42 Dharmendra Kumar Dubey Raghunathpur Siwan Sub Registry Office,Hospital Road, Raghunathpur, Siwan – 841504 9006767977 [email protected]
43 Sweety Suman Gopalganj Sadar Gopalganj District Sub- Registry Office, S.B.I Bank, Near Mauniya Chowk, Gopalganj -841428 9199307572 [email protected]
44 Satyanand Gupta Meerganj Gopalganj Sub Registry Office, Near Dr.k.N Dubey Clinic, Jai Praksh Chowk, Meerganj, Gopalganj-841438 9472851434 [email protected]
45 Pankaj Kumar Basak Phulwariya Gopalganj Sub Registry Office,Near Block Office, Phulwariya, Gopalganj -841425 7631233352 [email protected]
46 Pankaj Kumar Basak Sindhwaliya Gopalganj Sub Registry Office, Near Mohamadpur Police Thana, Sidhwaliya, Gopalganj-841423 7631233352 [email protected]
47 Sanjay Kumar Gwalia Muzaffarpur Sadar Muzaffarpur District Sub-Registry Office,Collectoriate Campus, Opposite of Sadar Hospital, Muzaffarpur -842001 9631712476 [email protected]
48 Ejaz Hasan Paru Muzaffarpur Sub Registry Office,Near Paru Hospital, Paru, Muzaffarpur – 843112 9546162186 [email protected]
49 Mithilesh Kumar Das Katra Muzaffarpur Sub Registry Office,Near Chamunda Mata Temple, Katra, Muzaffarpur – 843321 8541085137 [email protected]
50 Rakhi Kumari Sakra Muzaffarpur Sub Registry Office, Near Block Office, Sakra,Muzaffarpur – 843105 8969674679 [email protected]
51 Abhishek Singh Motipur Muzaffarpur Sub Registry Office, Near Nagar Panchayat Office,Motipur, Muzaffarpur – 843111 9931280103 [email protected]
52 Nilesh Kumar Hajipur Sadar Vaishali District Sub-Registry Office, Near Rajendra Chowk, Hajipur, Vaishali-844001 9334070003 [email protected]
53 Vandana Kumari Vaishali Vaishali Sub Registry Office, Near Gandhi Chowk, Gola Road, Mahua, Vaishali-844122 9470889478 [email protected]
54 Rakesh Kumar Mahnar Vaishali Sub Registry Office, Near Kali Mata Mandir,Station Road, mahnar,Vaishali – 844506 9973104935 [email protected]
55 Smt Aparna Shiva Lalganj Vaishali Sub Registry Office, Opposite Of Lalganj Police Station, Lalganj, Vaishali-844121 9801129373 [email protected]
56 Prashant Kumar Sitamarhi Sadar Sitamarhi District Sub-Registry Office, Dumra Court compound, Sitamarhi – 843301 9334277101 [email protected]
57 Ravikant Sinha Parihar Sitamarhi Sub Registry Office, Near Parihar Thakur Temple,Parihar, Sitamarhi – 843324 9631305443 [email protected]
58 Pradeep Kumar Belsand Sitamarhi Sub Registry Office, Near SDM Office,Baroda Bank, Belsand , Sitamarhi- 843316 9572538693 [email protected]
59 Aashit Kumar Singh Pupri Sitamarhi Sub Registry Office, Near Nageshwar Baba Temple, Pupri, Sitamarhi -843320 8002439535 [email protected]
60 Brajesh Kumar Bhuthi Sitamarhi Sub Registry Office,Near Shiv Mandir,Bhutahi, Sitamarhi – 843317 9931782222 [email protected]
61 Nivedita Kumari Dheng Sitamarhi Sub Registry Office, Near Barharwa Railway Station, P.S-Mejarganj, Dheng, Sitamarhi – 843315 9431426948 [email protected]
62 Saroj Kumar Sinha Motihari Sadar East Champaran District Sub-Registry Office, Near Gandhi Maidan, N.H-28, Motihari – 845401 9470833932 [email protected]
63 Ajay Kumar Kesariya East Champaran Sub Registry Office, Infront of kesariya Block ,Chakiya Road, Kesariya, Motihari-845424 9939286477 [email protected]
64 Hira Lal Paul Dhaka East Champaran Sub Registry Office, Near Dhaka Police Station, Dhaka,Motihari -845418 9473133537 [email protected]
65 Hira Lal Paul Pakridayal  East Champaran Sub Registry Office, SDM Office Premises, Pakridayal, Motihari-845428 9473133537 [email protected]
66 Nitish Kumar Chhouradano East Champaran Sub Registry Office, Near Chhouradano Railway Station, Chhouradano, Motihari – 845302 9939031632 [email protected]
67 Sohel Akhtar Chakiya East Champaran Sub Registry Office, SDM Office Premises, chakiya, Motihari – 845405 9955744655 [email protected]
68 Sunil Kumar Das Areraj East Champaran Sub Registry Office, SDO Office Premises, Areraj, Motihari -845411 9931797006 [email protected]
69 Manish Kumar Raxaul East Champaran Sub Registry Office, SDM Office Premises, Raxaul, Motihari- 845305 9199419435 [email protected]
70 Awadhesh Kumar Jha Bettiah Sadar West Champaran District Sub-Registry Office,West of Collectoriate Campus, Ujjain Tola, Bettiah – 845438 9973589855 [email protected]
71 Santosh Kumar Shikarpur Shikarpur, West Champaran Sub Registry Office,Near Head Post Office,Thana Road Narkatiyaganj, Shikarpur, Bettiah-845455 9430609060 [email protected]
72 Ashwini Kumar Bagha West Champaran Sub Registry Office, Near SDM Office,N.H-28, Bagha, Bettiah-845105 8809523733 [email protected]
73 Pramod Kumar Singh Sheohar Sadar Sheohar District Sub-Registry Office, Deeprari More, Near Zero Mile, Sheohar-843329 9431479006 [email protected]
74 Manindra Nath Jha Darbhanga Sadar Darbhanga District Sub-Registry Office, Near civil court, Laheriasarai , Darbhanga -846001 9431249155 [email protected]
75 Shailesh Kumar Bahera Darbhanga Sub Registry Office, Near Police Station, Bahera, Darbhanga-847201 9631979289 [email protected]
76 Shailesh Kumar Kamtoul Darbhanga Sub Registry Office, Near Railway Station, Kamtoul, Darbhanga -847304 9631979289 [email protected]
77 Promod Kumar Samastipur Sadar Samastipur District Sub-Registry Office, SDM Office Premises, Samastipur – 848101 7070626937 [email protected]
78 Smt. Seema Kumari Rosera Samastipur Sub Registry Office, Near Referral Hospital, Rosera , Samastipur -848210 9431632151 [email protected]
79 Vinit Kumar Dalsinghsarai Samastipur Sub Registry Office, Near Railway Station, Dalsinghsarai, Samastipur – 848309 7631666166 [email protected]
80 Ratnamani Keshri Kishanpur Samastipur Sub Registry Office, Near Railway Station, kishanpur, Samastipur -848301 7779977110 [email protected]
81 Kashi Kumar Madhubani Sadar Madhubani District Sub-Registry Office, SDM Office Premises, Madhubani – 847211 9835213772 [email protected]
82 Arvind Khan Khajouli Madhubani Sub Registry Office, Near Railway Station, khajouli, Madhubani-847228 8544001185 [email protected]
83 Kumar Dinbandhu Jainagar Madhubani Sub Registry Office, West of Jainagar Railway Gumti, N.H -105, Jainagar, Madhubani-847226 8294500627 [email protected]
84 Rishikesh Sahpuri Benipatti Madhubani Sub Registry Office, Near SDM Office, Benipatti, Madhubani-847223 8521332042 [email protected]
85 Mohan Mandal Jhanjharpur Madhubani Sub Registry Office,SDM Office Premises, Jhanjharpur, Madhubani – 847404 9331317208 [email protected]
86 Yogesh Tripathi Phulparas Madhubani Sub Registry Office, Near Bus Stand,Phulparas, Madhubani -847409 9696953366 [email protected]
87 Arvind Khan Babubarahi Madhubani Sub Registry Office,Near Block , SBI Bank, Babubarhi, Madhubani-847224 8544001185 [email protected]
88 Gopesh Kumar Chaudhary Saharsa Sadar Saharsa District Sub-Registry Office, Court Campus,Near S.B.I Bank, Saharsa- 852201 8757919177 [email protected]
89 Navnit Kumar Simri Bakhtiyarpur Saharsa Sub Registry Office,Near Sub Division Office, Simri Bakhtiyarpur, Saharsa-852127 8809188882 [email protected]
90 Ashok Kumar Thakur Supaul Supaul District Sub-Registry Office, Near Civil Court, Supaul – 852131 9471053994 [email protected]
91 Hari Shankar Suman Ganpatganj Supaul Sadar, Supaul Sub Registry Office, Near Bus Stand, Ganpatganj, Supaul – 852109 9470012175 [email protected]
92 Baidyanath Singh Triveniganj Supaul Sub Registry Office, SDM Campus,Triveniganj, Supaul – 847456 9934918147 [email protected]
93 Amrendra Kumar Nirmali Supaul Sub registry office, Nirmali, Supaul – 847452 9835804454 [email protected]
94 Umlesh Prasad Singh Madhepura Sadar Madhepura District Sub-Registry Office, High Court Campus, Madhepura, -852113 9661707646 [email protected]
95 Kali Ashish Udakishunganj  Madhepura Sub Registry Office, Near Civil Court,SDM Campus ,Udakishunganj , -852220 9693484773 [email protected]
96 Jay kumar Purnea Sadar Purnea District Registry Office, DM Office Premises, Purnea -854301 9430842869 [email protected]
97 Mukesh Kumar Suman Dhamdaha Purnea Sub Registry Office, Mahavir Mandir, Near Dhamdaha Chowk, Dhamdaha, Purnea – 854205 9835264693 [email protected]
98 Kaushal Kumar Jha Amour Purnea Sub Registry Office, Near Police Station, Amour, Purnea – 854315 8294215519 [email protected]
99 Mani Ranjan Katihar Sadar Katihar District Sub-Registry Office, Court Campus, Near Vikas Bhawan, Mirchaibadi, Katihar-854105 9525054725 [email protected]
100 Hemant Kumar Barsoi Katihar Sub Registry Office, Near Railway Station, Barsoi, Katihar-854317 7631864938 [email protected]
101 Vinay Saurabh Araria Sadar Araria District Sub-Registry Office, DM Office Premises, Near Head Post Office, Araria-854311 9905080809 [email protected]
102 Pooja Bharati Forbesganj Araria Sub Registry Office, Near Sultan Pokhar, Forbesganj, Araria -854318 9155595276 [email protected]
103 Yamuna Prasad Jokihat Araria Sub Registry Office, High School Road, Jokihat, Araria-854329 8292610970 [email protected]
104 Ajay Kumar Kishanganj Sadar Kishanganj District Sub-Registry Office, Near Nagar Parishad Office, Kishanganj -855107 9430842869 [email protected]
105 Vishal Kumar Bahadurganj Bahadurganj, Kishanganj Sub Registry Office, Near Bahadurganj Hospital, Bahadurganj, Kishanganj -855101 9661105965 [email protected]
106 Ajay Kumar Thakurganj Kishanganj District Sub-Registry Office, Near Red Cross, Bhagalpur – 812001 9430842869 [email protected]
107 Gautam Kumar Bhagalpur Sadar Bhagalpur District Sub-Registry Office, Near Red Cross, Bhagalpur – 812001 9835414858 [email protected]
108 Madan Kumar Chourasiya Kahalgaon Bhagalpur Sub Registry Office, Block Campus, Kahalgaon,Bhagalpur – 813203 9939657988 [email protected]
109 Umashankar Mishra Bihpur Bhagalpur Sub Registry Office,Station Road, Bihpur, Bhagalpur – 853201 9968182621 [email protected]
110 Ravi Ranjan Banka Sadar Banka District Sub-Registry Office, Gandhi Chowk, Court Road, Banka -813102 9334247989 [email protected]
111 Rajkumar Jha Munger Sadar Munger District Sub-Registry Office, Near S.P Office, Munger -811201 8084859388 [email protected]
112 Kumari Sweety Haweli Kharagpur Munger Sub Registry Office, Haweli khadagpur, Munger-811213 9430432199 [email protected]
113 Ishtyaque Ali Ansari Tarapur Munger Sub Registry Office, SDM Office Premises, Tarapur, Munger – 813221 8002041986 [email protected]
114 Rakesh Kumar Begusarai Sadar Begusarai District Sub-Registry Office, Court More, Pokhadiya, Begusarai -851101 9471991694 [email protected]
115 Sushil Kumar Paswan Teghra Begusarai Sub Registry Office,Near S.B.I Bank, Teghra, Begusarai – 851133 8987253486 [email protected]
116 Niraj Kumar Bakhri Bazar Begusarai Sub Registry Office,Ward No. – 06, Makhachak, Bakhri Bazar, Begusarai -848201 8521227385 [email protected]
117 Gayatri Agrawal Balia Begusarai Sub Registry Office, Chhoti Ballia Block campus, Ballia, Begusarai -851211 7765012776 [email protected]
118 Md. Shahbaz Alam Jamui Sadar Jamui Sadar, Jamui District Sub-Registry Office , NEAR K.K.M College , Jamui -811307 9431631176 [email protected]
119 Rajeev Ranjan Chaki Jamui Sub registry office, Block Campus, Chakai, Jamui -811303 9431818267 [email protected]
120 Rishi Kumar Sinha Khagaria Sadar Khagaria District Sub-Registry Office, Near Town Hall, Chitragupt Nagar, Khagaria – 851204 8986022480 [email protected]
121 Ajay Kumar Jha Gogri Khagaria Sub Registry Office,Near Registry More, Vijad Petrol Pump, Gogri, Khagaria -851202 9955795297 [email protected]
122 Dr.Sanjay Kumar Lakhisarai Sadar  Lakhisarai District Sub-Registry Office, Near Thana Chowk, Lakhisarai -811311 9431492411 [email protected]
123 Dinesh Kumar Singh Halsi Lakhisarai Sub Registry Office ,Block Office Campus, Halsi, Lakhisarai – 811311 8544412623 [email protected]
124 Uday Kant Mishra Suryagarha Lakhisarai Sub Registry Office, Block campus, Suryagarha, Lakhisarai – 811106 9234719246 [email protected]
125 Brij Bihari Sharan Shekhpura Sadar Shekhpura District Sub-Registry Office, Near Civil Court, Shekhpura – 801105 8987259634 [email protected]
  List of Registerable Articles

Article No Description
1 Acknowledgement
3 Adoption Deed
5 Agreement or memorandum of an Agreement
6 Agreement relating to deposit of title deeds, pawn or pledge or hypothecation
10 Article of Association of a Company
12 Award
15 Bond
17 Cancellation
18 Certificate of Sale
23 Conveyance
25 Counterpart or Duplicate
26 Customs Bond
27 Debenture
29 Divorce
31 Exchange of Property
32 Instrument of Further Charge
33 Gift Instrument
35 Lease
38 Letter of License
39 Memorandum of Association of a Company
40 Mortgage Deed
45 Partition
46 Partnership
48 Power of Attorney
54 Re-conveyance of mortgage property
55 Release
57 Security bond or mortgage deed
58 Settlement
61 Surrender of lease
62 Transfer
63 Transfer of Lease
64 Trust

  List of Non Registerable Articles

Article No Description
2 Administration Bond
4 Affidavit
7 Appointment for the purpose of execution of any power
8 Appraisement or valuation
9 Apprenticeship deed
20 Charter Party
22 Composition Deed
24 Copy or extract
30 Entry as an advocate, or attorney on the roll of any High Court
34 Indemnity Bond
41 Mortgage of a crop
42 Notarial Act
43 Note or Memorandum
44 Note of protest by the master of ship
50 Protest of Bill or Note
51 Protest by the master of a ship
56 Respondentia Bond
59 Share Warrants
65 Warrants for goods

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