Don’t Rent your Private Vehicle for Commercial use – Muzaffarpur DTO ordered

Travel Agency are mostly doing this

DTO muzaffarpurVehicle owner would be face legal action if they use personal vehicle to make their money. Owner will also come in from of action in criminal incident take place by his vehicle. vehicle owner make the registration in name of personal permit but actually they are filling own pocket to use as commercial. In city there are some landmark like railway station, Bhagwanpur, zeromile chowk, Neem chowk  that is main spot and few more where vehicle owner running their business fearlessly.

some vehicle owner and travel agency is being charged for a day’s freight till 2000. They also do not follow any guideline and freight list which is comes under transport department. Despite department being aware of the situation but sleeping. While transport department should be started drill to identified such kind of vehicle owner and vehicle too. DT MO Nazir said that campaigns will be started on identified places. There will be take immediate departmental action if anybody found guilty.

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