जलता रहा मुजफ्फरपुर शहर : एसकेएमसीएच परिसर बना रणक्षेत्र

प्राइवेट एम्बुलेंस और मेडिकल कॉलेज के स्टाफ के बीच की लड़ाई में जलता रहा शहर.. कई बेवस लाचार लोग घायल हुए.. मुजफ्फरपुर एसकेएमसी एच परिसर बना रणक्षेत्र Its our Muzaffarpur, No Administration, All laws are in public hands? मुजफ्फरपुर 21अप्रैल जुनिपर डाक्टरों और एम्बुलेंस कर्मियों के बीच हिंसक झड़प हुई। […]

Champaran satyagrah centenary: ‘Heritage walk’ relives Gandhi’s 1917 Muzaffarpur visit

Muzaffarpur virtually returned to Gandhi era on April 10, 2017, evening when the Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi look alike arrived at Muzaffarpur railway station by a special train in a revisit of April 10, 1917, accompanied by J B Kriplani and Raj Kumar Shukla look alikes en route Motihari, headquarters of East Champaran district […]

Three Businessman Shot down within 12 hours at Muzaffarpur – Security Matter

Live Murder show at Mithanpura, Akharaghat and Panapur. On Date 6th April, Three Business Man shot dead between 9AM to 9 PM, two Murder within city and one outer Area. Murder took place by AK47. Contractor Atul Agrawal at Mitahnpura OP Agrawal – Biscuit Business at Akharaghat Lalan Kumar – […]

The human chain formed at Muzaffarpur in support of prohibition of Alcohol

Muzaffarpur witnessed strong support in form of Human Chain Formation all around the city, The school children all over the road and formed a longest and largest chain ever ever and ever. Photography were done from the Satellites and Helicopters. see the video inside and have a glimpse of that. […]

Flight from Muzaffarpur to rest of India – Patahi Airport start soon

Hello Muzaffarpur, its good News…….. No more botheration for taking flight from Patna. Soon, the Patahi Airport will be rejuvenate. All lines are clear. All  the conditions for the necessary flight has been checked and its ok. The conditions were… The necessity of the land. The Distance form the Town. […]