Private hospitals are not giving reports, confusion is spreading

Private hospitals are not giving reports, confusion is spreading

Government and private hospitals are face to face with dengue data. This causes confusion among the residents. The Department of Health says that private hospitals do not have the right to conduct an actual investigation of dengue. Nor do private hospitals have the resources for this.

Civil surgeon says that how can dengue confirm when private hospitals cannot check dengue. Private hospitals are keeping patients confused as they check with the NS1 kit, which is not valid for dengue. The government considers the IGM test for dengue valid and which is a laboratory test. The government has arranged this in the medical colleges of the state. Dengue is screened at SKMCH in the district. The civil surgeon said that instructions were given to the district administration to submit the report of the private hospitals in which suspected patients of dengue are being treated. But private hospitals did not report.

Sadar Hospital is also not conducting random investigation

Muzaffarpur. In areas where suspected dengue patients are being found, random investigation is not being done by Sadar Hospital. If a random investigation is conducted, cases will come up. This will know whether dengue is spreading in the area concerned. The civil surgeon said that where dengue cases come, investigations are done. Fogging is also being done along with it.



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