Delhi is away from the fear of Corona, trains have left empty

Delhi is away from the fear of Corona, trains have left empty

Due to Corona infection rising again in Delhi and other states, fewer passengers are leaving from districts of North Bihar including Muzaffarpur. These travelers returned home during the festival. It was expected that after Chhath a large number of passengers will leave for Delhi and other states. For this, Puja special and regular trains are operating, but many trains are going empty. Whether it is the trains opening from Muzaffarpur or the trains passing through here, the situation is the same.

According to railway officials, 50 percent seats in Saptakranti Superfast, which left from the junction on Thursday, remained vacant. This train has 1480 seats. Officials said that the reservation belongs to travelers from Bagaha, Motihari, Narkatiaganj and beyond. Such a situation was also on the Jaynagar-Amritsar Shaheed Express on reaching Muzaffarpur Junction on Thursday. There are 1500 seats in this train, but many passengers were traveling in its bogies. Most of the Puja special trains passing through or opening Muzaffarpur did not even have half the seats. Railway officials said that due to increase in Corona cases in other states including Delhi, a small number of passengers are leaving.

This time, an average of six thousand passengers are leaving every day

This type of situation has been created decades later, when after the passing of Deepawali and Chhath, the crowd of passengers is not seen at the junction. A very small number of passengers from other states are getting off the trains at the junction. According to the data of the reservation department, in the year 2019, on an average 22-30 thousand passengers were leaving Muzaffarpur junction every day after Chhath, while this time an average of six thousand passengers are leaving from the junction.



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