JD-U candidate Vijender Road Show in Muzaffarpur

bijendra choudhary vijendra muzaffarpurJD-U candidate from Muzaffarpur constituency Vijender Chowdhury Roadshow was in town with his supporters on Tuesday . Road Shows Umbrella Market , Gandhi Chowk , poor Nath Temple rod , Sonrptty , Old Market Square , Sahu Road , Kalyani , Hrisba Square , Kalyani Chowk , Motijhil , hospice Chowk , Islampur Road , Sutaptty , Company Bagh , Srayaganj Tower , Jawaharlal Nehru Road , Pankaj market while Andigola road ended . During this time, Mr. Choudhury was felicitated on many .

Roadshow JD-U District President Dr. Ashok Sharma Vijender Chaudhary , former MLC Bharati Gnosh , JD-U president Shabir Ahmad Metropolitan Pappu , Nrmdeshwar Prasad Singh , Bhagwan Lal Mahato , lunar descent Amar Nath , Kiran Devi Mahato , JD-U leader Sangeeta Singh , Akhtar Ahmad Khan , henna Hassan , Amrish Kumar , including Gnosh Patel JD-U leaders and workers were involved in considerable numbers .

Do not see an old ally : JD-U candidate Vijender Chaudhary many old allies were not seen during the road show . Vsiul right time to resign from his trusted ally LJP Rizvi had joined them as well as JD-U . Vijender is said that every choice they were mainly seen in the role of associate co- manager . But on Tuesday, seeing their presence was a topic of discussion among the people . However, the relationship right Vsiul Rizvi refused to comment .

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