The candidate will be able to enter online manifesto in Lok Sabha Election Muzaffarpur

The Election Commission Lok Sabha election manifesto for the nomination of candidates who have additional features . Notarized affidavit and release candidate magistrate can use this feature as an option . On the website of the Election Commission E – Filing can . -26 Declaration form for the candidate has been released .

Any criminal case , the declaration of assets and educational qualifications etc. can be online . This facility has been provided in Hindi and English language . Affidavit Commission has issued guide lines for on-line . District Election Officer to notify all political parties have been asked about this . Commission noted that for the convenience of candidates for the election affidavit E – filing is implemented.

Check Ivim started as soon as the elections near, preparations are picked . Sandeep Kumar on Tuesday Ivim Cell nodal officer came from the State Election Commission in monitoring Ivim 795 inspections were undertaken .

 BHEL Engineer Company arrived to investigate Ivim removing the tags . Political party representatives were also present on the occasion . After investigation , it will be sealed in the presence of representatives of the people .

Mock Voting : With that in 40 of 795 Ivim mock voting began. According to the information and print out a Ivim a thousand mock voting will be removed . Then it will investigate . When it amiss that Ivim not be placed in the polls .

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