Clean Air Programme in Muzaffarpur – Top Polluted city of India

clean air programme in Muzaffarpur headlines

Muzaffarpur in Top position in Top 102 Polluted cities of the Country.

Central Government included the Muzaffarpur in the list to clean air.

Initial Steps and Procedure to defend against pollution has been formulated and sent to the Central Government. Stats are on calculation for Road , Factories, and Vehicle Pollution. Survey in detail are under process before actual process to eradicate the Pollution.

Level of PM 2.5 must be below 100 and it is 379 in Muzaffarpur

PM 2.5 refers to the size of the Particle. This level is responsible to cause many lungs problems, heart disease etc.

PM 2.5 Concentration level

Muzaffarpur PM Pollution graph

CJI Ranjan Gagoi
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