4 day Chhath Mahaparva will start today with Nahai-Khay

4 day Chhath Mahaparva will start today with Nahai-Khay

The four-day ritual of Mahaparva Chhath of Lok Aastha will begin with Nahay-Khay on Wednesday. On the first day of the Nirjala ritual, on Wednesday (November 18), bathing in the Vrati Ghar, river, ponds, etc., will take offerings of Arva rice, gram dal and pumpkin vegetable. Will weed on November 19.

On this day, after fasting for the entire day, Nirjala fasts will be offered to the moon by eating prasad made of milk and jaggery in the evening and will start fasting for about 36 hours. On 20 November, the Vrati will offer Arghya to the drowning Sun and on 21 November, perform the Mahavrat with Arghya to the rising sun. After offering Arghya to the Sun, Prasad will distribute and end the four-day ritual by consuming food and water. Sun is in Scorpio zodiac: Chhath Vratis, this time, is a welfare factor for devotees and common people.

Separate temples for morning, afternoon and evening sun are mentioned in Vayu Purana and Bhavishya Purana.

Pandit Prem Sagar Pandey says that the sun sign has changed from 6.32 pm on 16 November. Now the Sun has come in Scorpio. Surya is giving a good message by being in his friend’s house. Jyotishacharya PK Yuga says that this fast is performed on Kartik Shukla Shashthi and Saptami for Arogya, progeny, fame, fame. On 20 November, the sun’s constellation of Uttarashada and Venus, Guru, Saturn and Swargriha are becoming very beautiful coincidence. On this day, the senior yoga formed from the Sun is also being constructed.

On 20 November, the moon is in the third place of the Sun. On this day, common people should chant Aditya Hridaya Sources and Gayatri Mantra. Advancement from east-facing worship and misfortune ends with west-facing worship.

What will happen when, Date day Chhath Vrat time 18 November Wednesday Nahay-Khay 5.15 morning after 19 November Thursday Kharna 4.56 evening after 20 November Friday Argh Arghya on sunset 5.26 evening 21 November Saturday Argh Argh 6.49 morning on rising Sun (Note: Fasting based on interaction with experts) Date and work of

Chaturthi: After bathing, rice, lentils, pumpkin vegetable, rock salt are eaten

Panchami: After being purified by bathing, the wheat bread and kheer with pure ghee is eaten on the moonrise and Prasad is distributed.

Shashthi: Thekua dish is made, this dish is the main prasad of the entire puja. Prasad of coconut, banana, nimbu, reed and season fruit is also prepared. Evening Arghya is given. Saptami: Arghya is offered in the morning on this day.


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