Weather Updates of Muzaffarpur : Monsoon will start from 10th June

monsoon in muzaffarpurMonsoon will arrive on time in Muzaffarpur

Rain and wind will come at same pace as heat you are witnessing

The current temperature of Muzaffarpur is varying from minimum of 21 Degree Celsius to Maximum of 34 Degree Celsius. The Rain will come will effect from low to high wind. Within 3 days temperature has fallen to 8 degrees.

From 4th May to 8th May you will have small and heavy rains wind wind and from 8th May onwards heat will again rise up. As you all know , not even Muzaffarpur but whole country is facing the heat. so, this is one of the break down on the heat.

All the records break up with record temperature of 44.5 degree Celsius. This time 106 percentage Rain will be so, flood situation may arrive. so, no one says about the nature but be cool always.

Well, after 10 days all things will be clear and you will be updated for the same.

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