Muzaffarpur Nagar Nigam removing Encroachment from Motijheel

enchroachment from motijheel

Intially, Nagar Nigam ordered to establish Shops under over Bridge to earn revenue. Even Shops were constructed by RCC. But Now, Nagar Nigam is facing problem of traffic. It clearly shows that the decision made by the Nagar Nigam is totally un thinkable. Have a look at the Picture.  

Muzaffarpur Nagar Nigam Election Result 2017

मुजफ्फरपुर निकाय चुनाव परिणाम जाने.. यहाँ लगातर अपडेट से.. मुजफ्फरपुर निकाय चुनाव परिणाम जाने.. यहाँ लगातर अपडेट से.. वार्ड 01 से सुरेश कुमार पप्पू  got 564 votes  वार्ड 02 से गायत्री चौधरीी – 1266 votes  वार्ड 03 से राकेश कुमार पिंटू – 1519 votes  वार्ड 04 हरिओम वार्ड 05 सीमा […]

Smart City Muzaffarpur : One more chance – Voting Extended till 10th March

Muzaffarpur has got yet another chance to be selected for the smart city. The lines for the voting has been increased till 10th of March. so, in this way muzaffarpur has got yet another chance for 18 days. Actually Muzaffarpur has stood first in the voting in the Region that’s […]

The human chain formed at Muzaffarpur in support of prohibition of Alcohol

Muzaffarpur witnessed strong support in form of Human Chain Formation all around the city, The school children all over the road and formed a longest and largest chain ever ever and ever. Photography were done from the Satellites and Helicopters. see the video inside and have a glimpse of that. […]

Upgradation of Muzaffarpur Smart City Proposal for Round-III – Submit Your Comments on mygov

A Chance to be Smart City We have got the Third Chance to prove ourself as a Smart City so, this time we should not fail : So, urge every one to participate and put your comments in the section on the link :   Muzaffarpur is known […]

3rd Chance for Muzaffarpur to be in Smart City List

Yet another chance for Muzaffarpur to be Smart City Muzaffarpur has already lost the two opportunity to be a Smart City. we got failed on the standard criteria set for to be smart city. Muzaffarpur Nagam Nigam failed in making public involvement and making better project for the city. well, […]

Muzaffarpur Smart City (Draft Area Based Development and Pan City Initiative)

The Municipal Corporation Muzaffarpur is pleased to inform you that our city is under selection process for Smart City MissionRound 2 under the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD). In this phase, our city has to compete with 64 other cities, enhance our proposal and become eligible for Smart City Round […]

Muzaffarpur is now sector wise with map my India

Muzaffarpur is now sector wise GIS survey had been done by Map My India.  The Nagar Nigam area of Muzaffarpur has been divided in to sector wise. Nagar Nigam told reporters that with the help of that every house holder can view their land records,  there will be ease while paying […]