Shubham Swaraj on the Hotseat of KBC from Muzaffarpur

shubham swaraj kbc sony muzaffarpurHere is the second contestant from Muzaffarpur on the Hotseat of KBC in season 8. Earlier we have First Contestant in year 2013. This is one of the achievement for the Muzaffarpur . Nikhil Raj was the Contestant in year 2013. Shubham Raj played extraordinary in KBC and win heart with the good Answer.  He played the KBC on Date 28th October and will continue to play on 29th of October as Roll over Contestant.

Here are the questions asked form him.

Ques No 01 :  In Which of these sports does a player not require any equipment ?

A. Polo    B.  Kabaddi    C. Gilli-danada  D. Snooker

Ques : 02 : What is the taste of pure water ?

A. Bitter   B. Salty   C. Tasteless  D. Sweet

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