Secret unveiled by CBI Muzaffarpur Navruna Case 

navruna case​At last the secret unveiled by the C.B.I. the poor Navruna is now no more in this world.I don’t know who she was but merely a 13 years old school girl could not harm any person.She was brutally killed and the skeleton was thrown away at the door steps of her parents. I submit my humblest request to the C.B.I. kindly unveil the mask from the faces of her murderer(s) as quick as possible.I have a deep sense of sympathy with her parents  and pay my high sentimental homage to that child who was killed brutally. May God give  eternal peace  to the departed soul.She was not only daughter of Mr & Mrs Chakravarty but also

CBI need to solve Navruna case by September 2017 – Supreme Court Order


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