Three Businessman Shot down within 12 hours at Muzaffarpur – Security Matter

Live Murder show at Mithanpura, Akharaghat and Panapur.

On Date 6th April, Three Business Man shot dead between 9AM to 9 PM, two Murder within city and one outer Area. Murder took place by AK47.

  1. Contractor Atul Agrawal at Mitahnpura
  2. OP Agrawal – Biscuit Business at Akharaghat
  3. Lalan Kumar – Book Business at Panapur.

Its a very serious matter and shameful act that, one day before Arms show was done in whole Muzaffarpur on the eve of Ramnavmi and the Arms like AK47 is used openly in Muzaffarpur. It means completely that Muzaffarpur Police has no idea what happening in Muzaffarpur. The Security of Muzaffarpur Civilians is under Danger.

Muzaffarpur Police must take some serious action, Administration need to check .

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