Ragini MMS 2 in Muzaffarpur Cinema Hall

Ragini MMS 2 in MuzaffarpurWatch Ragini MMS 2 film in the cinema Hall :

Amar, Krishna, Sanjay.

  • Starring:
    Sunny Leone, Saahil Prem, Karan Mehra, Parvin Dabbas, Sandhya Mridul, Soniya Mehra, Divya Dutta
  • Language:HindiGenre:Horror
  • Synopsis:

    Ghosts from the past resurface while the infamous ‘Ragini MMS’ scandal (from the prequel) is being filmed as a story for celluloid

  • Director:
    Bhushan Patel
  • Music Director:
    Meet Bros Anjjan
  • Duration:2 hrs
  • Hold onto your pants as Erotica meets Eerie in a sequel that traces Ragini’s haunted past. Rewind: Uday and Ragini’s dirty, horny weekend in an isolated house turned into a horrifying threesome – when a ghost interrupted their sexcapade. Uday disappeared and Ragini landed up in a mental asylum.

    Now the sequel begins. Sleazy, over-zealous filmmaker Rocks (Parvin) is so ‘turned on’ by the story that he wants to adopt it for celluloid. He casts seductress Sunny Leone (played by Sunny Leone) in the lead because he’s impressed with her ‘body’ of work (perv!). He chooses the actual location of the ‘Ragini’ incident for the film and moves his crew into the haunted haveli. There, in between ‘knicks’ (undies) and ‘knocks’ (uh huh!), smooches, sizzling showers and dirty games – the ghost turns up.

    Patel’s ‘Ragini MMS 2’, pitched as a ‘horrex’ (horror+sex) film, offers screams, sighs and moans (read: erotic!), delivering more sexual delights than horrifying drama. Picture this: Sunny fakes an orgasm (really now?), talks dirty talk in bed and lip-locks with a woman (want more?). Well, there’s humour too with telly actor Maddy’s (Karan) lusty longings and Monali’s (Sandhya) ‘verny’ angrezi which goes – ‘shits ya’ and ‘so worst ya’. The film provides the usual creepy cliches – creaking windows, ghostly shadows and bedraggled bhoots. There are a few spooky moments, but fewer leap-out-of-your-seat scenes.

    Sunny looks deathly desirable and plays the sexed-up baby doll with abandon. While her ‘act’ is good, her ‘performance’ doesn’t really climax. Yet, she gives us a ‘drool-worthy’ adult-horror film – one of its kind for Bollywood. Parvin and Karan are entertaining, Saahil is average, Divya (as a psychiatrist) stays trapped in an unconvincing role.

    For horror-buffs this might not be ‘spookilicious’ enough, but those looking for a ‘sun-sunny’ weekend, go lap it up!

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