“Qute ” 36 km in 1 litre- a small car.



Bajaj has launced small car “Qute”  in  India.The specification of this car is its average.It will run 36 km in only one Litre of petrol and 43 km in one kg of CNG.

The cost of this small car Petrol Model  is Rs.2.48 lakh(Ex showroom) and CNG Model is Rs 2.78 lakh in Mumbai .It is a quadricycle (Modified Auto with Car facilities) that can be registered as private and commercial in in 15 states and 20 states respectively.

Here are some more details of the small “Qute”.

Petrol Model Engine  :

216 cc with single cylinder liquid cool DTSI Engine.

Power :

It generates 13 bhp at 5500 rpm and 18.9 nm torque at 400 rpm.

CNG Model Engine :

Power :

It generates 11 bhp at 5500 rpm and 16.1 nm torque.


Speed limit(Set by MRTH ) : 70kmph maximum

Length :3 metre

Width :1.5 metre







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