Muzaffarpur is now sector wise with map my India

property tax muzaffarpur

Muzaffarpur is now sector wise

GIS survey had been done by Map My India.  The Nagar Nigam area of Muzaffarpur has been divided in to sector wise. Nagar Nigam told reporters that with the help of that every house holder can view their land records,  there will be ease while paying property tax.

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The development works done by Nagar Nigam will be clarified and will not get duplicate.   GIS means Geographical Information System and primarily this survey has been done for wards 15 to 34. Initially households having no dues at the Nagar Nigam office will get this facilities.  The Electronic plates to be fixed has been made in New Delhi.

Well,  on the part of you all are requested to pay your Nagar Nigam taxes soon and be a part of this.

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