From the exit of Pappu Dev businessmen are inpanic

Muzaffarpur, Bihar to Nepal Ram Dev to create panic as it appeared to be released from prison on Monday , so the business was in a tizzy . Basil ‘s largest Agarwal Birgunj businessmen were abducted Pappu Dev horror of discussions between the two countries is today . In 2003, Nepal Ram Dev was arrested with fake currency in bulk . After having served ten years if it was free . India – Nepal extradition treaty due to be released in exchange for handing over to India .

Pappu dozen cases
Ram Dev from Vaishali to Kosi dozen criminal cases , but after his arrest, the government and the police department made ​​no attempt to bring him to Nepal . All of Muzaffarpur Muzaffarpur to Patna registrar Surya Narayana Singh and inspector in order to bhagwanpur station area in Vaishali was kidnapped . Meanwhile, Paru and Katara murder of the Registrar was inferior . Ram Dev was panic in the Kosi region .

Linked to Muzaffarpur
Pappu is also closely linked to Muzaffarpur . So it is also in jail, Nepal discuss several weapons and money was seized by his Sagird . Now they fear being expressed , anywhere, even if it has not changed . Many celebrities are concerned with Pappu Dev . Ram Dev, with last year being the one in charge of the business of fake Nepal lawmaker was arrested and sent to jail . He came out on bail .

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