Muzaffarpur Smart City – Highlights or summary of Project

Video Survillance Room Muzaffarpur Smart City MSCL

Integrated Control and Command center – Muzaffarpur Smart City

It will be Video surveillance room to take control across the city. The work is under construction and here that picture.

ICCC Building muzaffarpur smart city

Muzaffarpur Smart City Limited prepared a comprehensive plan for Area-Based Development after holding one of the widest residents’ consultation exercises. The ABD projects focus on physical infrastructure components of Muzaffarpur Smart City.

The strategic components of ABD in the Smart Cities Mission are city improvement (retrofitting), city renewal (redevelopment) and city extension (green field development).Working in tandem with Pan-City initiatives, in which Smart Solutions are applied covering larger parts of the city, Muzaffarpur is set on the road to sustainable development. Various projects are at varying stages of progress:

  • A multi-purpose sports stadium and sports academy is being renovated
  • The CBD area is undergoing a face-lift along major roads
  • A Municipal Shopping Mart on Tilak Maidan Road has been approved and work on it is underway
  • The walls around Company Bagh Road are being adorned with Madhubani paintings
  • Construction work on a peripheral road from Akharaghat to Railway Station along ABD Periphery, measuring 2.4 km has already started
  • With the design ready, construction on the Kalyani Road from Adarsh Nagar Thana to Harisabha Chowk, measuring 0.76 km has started
  • Improvement work has been approved for 15 junctions
  • The design work for ICCC Building is underway, the existing MRDA building is currently being demolished for the same
  • E-rickshaw and Smart Mini Bus sheds are being built across the city
  • The Town Hall is being renovated
  • Negotiations are on to have roof top solar panel on all government buildings
  • The process to set up an Integrated Command and Control Centre as the Master System Integrator is underway
  • The sewerage network is being improved
  • Work is underway on multi-level car parking and smart parking
  • Negotiations are on with regards to setting up bio toilets and e-toilets

A lot of other projects too such are being considered with a view to improving the overall living experience of the people of Muzaffarpur by turning it into a world-class city.

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