Kunal’s laptop will examine FSL

Muzaffarpur 1.14 million embezzlement case Amrit Raj on Thursday Tirhut range DIG reviewed . The ASP Eastern Ashish Bharti , who led the team , city DSP IOs Upendra Kumar and Rajesh Kumar were present .

DIG action taken so far in the case of laptops in Patna after Kunal has directed an inquiry into FSL . CJM on Friday after receiving instructions from DIG permitted by the IOs responsible for sending the laptop given to the FSL . DIG East to the ASP is directed to the recovery of money . Kunal , depth examination of the role of the sun and Amarendra with the responsibility of determining the property is given to the team . ICICI bank account in the name of Kunal Karbala police found out . Review the account and the name of his wife was asked to recount the property . The police will investigate actor -laws . In order to interrogate the information that he had to hide from police . When questioned again after he was caught in many lies . Amarinder her real uncle while his relatives sun . Police say that the sun is the brother of his uncle . All three have been asked to go to the village to inquire .

Kunal was fond of expensive mobile : 15 thousand jobs that Kunal was fond of expensive mobile . Dig digging her Black Berry Mobile has directed and number 9852967627 . Police are trying to get the call details . Kunal each of your mobile is locked by code option . City DSP team , Rajesh Kumar and several other officers involved .

Jailer was the case : Kunal Ranjan was called for questioning at the police station . During questioning at the police station in the district employs a sub-inspector of the senior officials had lobbied him to leave , stating Nidresh .

Released on PR bond Endurance : Splash City resident Suraj Singh’s brother Dhiraj Singh has extensive questioning by the police . Police sun -law , grandmother , Sandhu has information about others, including relatives . On the instructions of senior officials has left him late evening on PR bond .

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