Hooliganism in BRABU Muzaffarpur on the name of donations

BRA Bihar University named after Saraswati Puja Chanda has been transformed into an arena . Contributions are being made ​​to prevent the fire as much as , it is equally deter . The class went to shut the door .

After flirting with the students in the class have made ​​a filthy orgy . Police were called to the scene , but he arrived , the police were upset by the incident Wednesday . Being reported on Wednesday a class IV employee of the department was doing fund raising . The police were going to catch him , then a teacher incited the students , the students were confronted by police . The teacher also had to argue with police officers . Accused had not been surrendered to the police personnel . This is because police ignored complaints came from the university , but the students in the name of fund raising , her guru – disciple tradition broke all the limitations .

Muzaffarpur : BRA Bihar University, Saraswati puja in the name of fund raising a ruckus on the second day was frozen . The number of students in the hostel block dozens inroads into the social sciences students – students forcibly collected funds . Flirting with girls too . The dispute caused by the recovery of forests and PG PG confront each have three student hostels . Violence between the two sides was frozen . After the incident, students come to class – students are spread panic . Given this, the teachers refused to take the class . Subsequently, Dr Krishna Prasad Head of Economics Department of the History Department , Dr. soul Prasad decided to suspend all classes until Saraswati Puja . Report it gave the letter to the VC .

Thursday morning class was going to block the social sciences . Meanwhile, a half block from the two dozen students have broken into the hostel and the main door was locked from inside . Subsequently, all students alternate history , economics and political science departments making inroads students – students were forced to fund raising . During one of those guys flirting with the girls . Students protest with the swearing too . Many students also snatched the purse . Many killed in orbit Chhatran panic started crying . History of Economics Department Head Dr. soul offerings and teachers protested the students with him swearing to . University Economics Department later reported the incident to police the police . He then dropped out of classes all students in hostels . Stepping out of the classroom, students in the class – Chhatran escaped from there . Meanwhile , Dr Krishna Prasad and the history of the event angry Economics Department Head Dr. spirit by offering the class decided to defer to the Saraswati Puja . The information he gave to the VC .

Student hostels at loggerheads
During the fund raising dispute between PG and PG Forest confront each have three student hostels . Block compound that accumulates in the social sciences between the two sides fight took place . The incident that occurred when Shukla and University Registrar Dr Vivekananda police station was also present . Had no effect on the students and they – another kick – punch are firing . Senior students of the hostel after mediation after the case was cool .

According to information , the students controversy erupted on Wednesday VC housing uproar over the side and began to protest . PG – Forest Hostel uproar was opposed by some students . The same thing PG – Three students are Itesh chemistry department fund raising dispute with PG Forest hostel students . The students beat him froze . Three PG Itesh their peers given its information . With the gang out to arrive at the scene . On the same block social sciences both groups confront each other and they have been met .

PG incident of assault – one Pankaj Kumar and PG Students – Three University student station Itesh Kumar’s application on the basis of two isolated FIR has been lodged . It has indicted two students to each other and unknown .

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