Passengers disturbed by the shifting of trains.

Muzaffarpur : Ujiarpur Samastipur rail jam movement of the passengers suffered considerable trouble . 55 132 Sealdah passenger train number , train number stood at 55 527 Caterpillar Intrsiti Express station . The Vaishali Superfast Express Najirganj station 22553 , 15098 Dubha Amrnai Express were stranded at the station .

Garib Rath Express eyelash Nrhn congenial place of the 2204 block of Saharsa Prastan made ​​. Awadh Assam Express train No. 5610 was driven through the Nrhn . 18181 05 232 Express and the Tata Chapra Express Via Ptori Bachwara being sent directly to Hajipur .

New Runnisadpur halt trains at standstill today : Runnisadpur station and Prmjivr – a new halt was constructed between Tarajivr whose name is placed Halt New Runnisadpur . Halt pause during operation of the new trains will be Friday . East Central Railway officials on Friday Runnisadpur Halt Train No. 55506 Muzaffarpur – Muzaffarpur passenger trains arrive at 10:01 in the morning . Who will leave for a minute ahead after unstoppable . Runnisadpur Halt the Train Number 55582 Muzaffarpur – 5:42 pm and arrive in Sitamarhi carriage rides . Will proceed to the next stop after a minute .

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