Beaten by Daughter-in-law in Muzaffarpur Collectoriate

Father in law – daughter-in-law of the sacred bond wire at that time – was ripped , the daughter-in-law at his father openly accused of being promiscuous started beating at the Collectorate . This sub office longer than two hours from drama Smahrnaly ran between the main gate . Elderly father in law daughter-in-law ran – ran up beats .

Are told , retired class IV government employee sneaked Kamal Bhagat had married his sister-in-law . During judicial intervention being faithful married the daughter of a woman stating Kamal himself , the woman of my father is abusive . The relationship was not disclosed .

Lotus faithful son of the woman is the wife of invalidity . Elderly woman claiming to be the wife of maintenance was asking for money . There was even talk that this married woman living apart is a prog driver . Between – with money from the faithful lotus fights – fights . When asked Kamal Bhagat said in this regard , it is home . We can not say anything .

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