Earth Quake Reported in Muzaffarpur : 3 times

earth quake muzfafarpurEarth Quake Reported in Muzaffarpur,

Samastipur and North Bihar

A Magnitude of quake 7.5 on the Richter scale, epi centre at Nepal is the news as reported by IMD. Muzaffarpur and North Bihar experienced it today for the third time. All the people came out of their home as they feeled it. Even feeled the shaking of Chairs and fans in their office.

Well, Every thing is all right. Is there any news from the readers side pls. mention it.

earth quake muzaffarpur earthquake mfp 2 earthquake mfp

A Picture from City Life Mall :

city life maill muzfafarpur

।।भूकंप प्रभाव।।

साहू पोखर पर सीताराम मंदिर का गुम्बद झुका।

sahu pokhar mandir muzaffarpur

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