Earth quake in Muzaffarpur.

 Earthquake in Bihar and North-Eastern

Today, i.e on 18th September 2011 Muzaffarpur and all district of Bihar experienced a a Low Intensity Earthquake. It was of 6.8 Richter Scale  at 06:28 PM, We noticed it for 10-15 Second

There was no any casualties in Muzaffarpur. People in the home experience some little Shakes but younger children did not experienced it.

Every thing is ok in Muzaffarpur. 

A Student of St. Xavier ” Piyush Pallav” said that we were Playing in L.S college in Muzaffarpur and we did not noticed any Shock, but When we were on the Way of our Home, we found people out of their home and saying  Bhukamp- Bhukamp…………………… 

Nagmani also from Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi did not noticed shake but, he found people saying  Bhukamp- Bhukamp…………………… 

According to Geological Department, Epicenter was in Sikkim  , 10 KM below the Crust Level and 140 km from Silliguri.  Lucknow, Patna, Bihar, and North Eastern part of India experienced  a Minor Shock.

As far the News, says, Silliguri has experienced too much damaged, National Disaster Management team is Ready with four choppers to take flight and have a look. National P.M talked with Sikkim C.M on the Earthquake Issue.
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