Devotees dip their faith on Kartik Purnima

Devotees dip their faith on Kartik Purnima

On Kartik Purnima on Monday, devotees took a dip of faith in the river-ghats, those who could not go to the ghat, took Ganga water in the houses and took holy bath. Devotees also performed pooja and deeppaad after bathing. The devotees started arriving for a bath at the ghats at Sikandarpur, Stair Ghat, Akhadaghat, Dadar River Ghat, Sangamghat, etc., from dawn on the full moon day till 2:26 pm.

Apart from the city, devotees from other districts and various blocks arrived here. There was a competition to bathe and worship before sunrise. Everyone took a dip in the river and then folded hands and meditated on the Sun God and Ganga Mayya. Worshiping agarbatti, worshiping Akshat, Sindoor, Betasha, sweets etc. on the banks of the ghat and offering prayers to all the deities. According to the rules, after eating the first tekua, took other things. Deep current was lit in flowing water. At the same time, decorating the dishes made of sama-chakewa, khirlich, vrindavan, chungla and earthenware came to flow with the brothers. Sama was given a farewell by throwing the kasar of rice and rice. The brothers immersed all the idols in the river.

The children enjoyed a lot in the fairs on several river ghats including Budhi Gandak. In spite of the refusal, many temporary shops were also set up in the fair on the river ghats. In this, children were seen shopping for chaat dumplings and balloons. However, in this regard, DPRO Kamal Singh said that it was not allowed to organize a fair on behalf of the Home Department. However, there has been a case of temporary shops in some places. It will be investigated and action will be taken.

Dev Deepavali was celebrated by lighting a lamp in the temples on Kartik Purnima. After bathing the Ganges, the devotees worshiped and saw the deities in the temples. Lakshmi and Satyanarayana were specially worshiped. Dev Deepavali was celebrated by lighting 1101 lamps at Baba Garibnath Temple. Principal priest Pt Vinay Pathak told that about 200 devotees have performed ‘Jalabhishek’ of Baba Garibnath and 250 people have done Satyanarayana worship and shaving. At the same time, Dev Deepavali program was held at Balaji Hanuman Temple at Three Pokharia. Patron Meghnath Sahu, President Amarendra Kumar, Rajeev Jha, head priest Upendra Mishra were also present on the occasion.




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