Covid-19 vaccine update: Bharat Biotech looks at February launch, AstraZeneca hopes to prove efficacy by year-end

Covid 19 Vaccine

Hungary has said it will import small doses of Russian-made Sputnik V for late stage

trials, by December. Meanwhile, Australia has agreed to buy 50 million more doses of

two more vaccine candidates.

In the latest update for a Covid-19 vaccine, India’s Bharat Biotech International Limited has said its vaccine could be launched as early as next February. A launch of the said vaccine would make it the first India-made vaccine to be rolled out.

Here are the latest Covid-19 vaccine updates:

Hungary’s government has said it will start importing small quantities of Russian made Covid-19 vaccine, Sputnik V, in December for final testing and licensing. Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s foreign minister said a Hungarian company may be able to switch from flu shot production to production of the Russian Covid-19 vaccine. Russia has agreed to supply doses of Sputnik V to both Brazil and Argentina as well.

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