Corona investigation of all children to be done before school opens in Bihar, instructions sent to schools

School Student

Chances of opening school up to eighth less..!!

Schools have been closed since March due to Corona infection. Right now schools from ninth to 12th have been opened for board exams. Schools up to eighth are now likely to open in the new year itself. All schools will have a corona check of students before the school opens in the new year. It should be known that all the exams are being taken online only. By December 15, there will be a Christmas holiday after the examinations.
All students will be subjected to corona examination before the school opens in Bihar. There will be a chance to go to school when the investigation report comes negative. During this time, if someone comes out corona positive, he will be called to school only after quarantining home for 14 days. Online studies will be conducted for such students. Instructions have been sent to CBSE and CISCE schools in this regard. It is to be known that schools were opened in many states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan etc. in October and November. During this period, the school had to be closed again due to the corona positive exit of many students. Talking about Bihar, schools have not been opened yet. The responsibility of conducting a corona check before the school opens is given to the concerned school administration.

School Student


School will be sanitized..!!

Schools will be sanitized before the corona examination of children. Schools have also started preparing for this. Baldwin Academy Principal Rajiv Ranjan said that there are going to be class classes for students from 9th to 12th. In such a situation, the school premises have been sanitized many times. Apart from this, the school will be sanitized even before opening. F Hassan, principal of the International School, said that the child would be called only after sanitizing every class. After this all children will be corona examined.
Care should be taken against corona infection. All children will be confirmed to be safe before school opens. All other children will be safe with this. Parental support will be taken in this. Children who have a cold will avoid sending those children to school. CB Singh, President, Independence School Association Bihar

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