Wheat-rice, flour and pulses prices fell, tomatoes jumped 25 percent in a week

Wheat-rice, flour and pulses prices fell, tomatoes jumped 25 percent in a week

Even though there has been a fire in the prices of vegetables during the Corona period, the relief news is that in the last one week, prices of flour-rice, pulse-oil, potato-onion have fallen. We are not saying this but the figures of the central government. According to data collected from 100 centers on the website of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, wheat has become cheaper by 13 per cent during this period. At the same time, flour was reduced by about 5 percent, gram dal by 3 percent, tur dal by two percent and urad dal by 5 percent. If you trust the government data, prices of mustard, groundnut, vegetable oils have also fallen, although the ground reality may be different from this.

At the same time, the prices of lentils, moong dal, china, soybean oil, jaggery and even salt have increased in the last one week. The highest jump has been recorded in tomato rate. The price of tomatoes has risen by more than 25 percent in a week. Let’s see how much difference has come in the prices of essential commodities on November 23 and a week ago.

thing Daily Retail Price of Essential Commodities Today’s Price Percent Change One Week Ago 23/11/2020 16/11/2020 one week Rice 34.29 35.34 -2.97 Wheat 25.55 29.41 -13.12 Flour (Wheat) 30.12 31.76 -5.16 Chana dal 73.88 75.99 -2.78 Toor / Arhar dal 105.25 107.24 -1.86 Urad Dal 101.31 107.07 -5.38 Moong Dal 105.76 104.97 0.75 Masoor Dal 83.35 78.75 5.84 Chinese 41.24 40.22 2.54 Milk @ 46.82 46.61 0.45 Peanut Oil (Pack) 151 153.35 -1.53 Mustard Oil (Pack) 129.29 134.43 -3.82 Vegetable (Pack) 95.06 99.7 -4.65 Soya Oil (Pack) 105.4 105.22 0.17 Sunflower Oil (Pack) 114.77 123.39 -6.99 Palm Oil (Pack) 89.56 99.59 -10.07 Jaggery 53 48.97 8.23 Loose tea 217.59 233.68 -6.89 Salt Pack * 17.47 16.66 4.86 Potato 44.88 45.22 -0.75 Onion 55.65 58.36 -4.64 Tomato 49.53 39.44 25.58

Source: State Civil Supplies Department

Explain that based on data collected from 100 marketing centers spread across the country by the Ministry of Consumer, 22 essential commodities (rice, wheat, flour, gram dal, tur (arhar) dal, urad dal, moong dal, masoor dal, sugar, jaggery, Prices of peanut oil, mustard oil, vegetable, sunflower oil, soy oil, palm oil, tea, milk, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and salt) are monitored.


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