Climate favours Muzaffarpur Litchi, growers clamour for good market

Muzaffarpur Shahi Lithci“A Recent Report on Availability of Muzaffarpur Litchi”

Report :  By the time a new Lok Sabha is formed at the centre after the ongoing elections, the famous Muzaffarpur litchi will flood the market with all its sweetness and aroma. Although the fully-ripe ‘shahi’ variety of Litchi would be available by May 20, farmers and traders will start plucking the fruit from May 15 itself for early profit like previous years.

According to the director and principal scientists of horticulture department of National Litchi Research Centre (NLRC), VIshalnath and Sushil Kumar Purve respectively, production of China Variety of Muzaffarpur Litchi is likely to be more than 30% this season in comparison to last year because of favorable climatic conditions.

Presently, Muzaffarpur growers sell their produce at Rs. 8 per kg whereas it is being sold at Rs. 250 per kg in distant cities of the country. This is affecting both producers and consumers as well. If refrigerated vanes are made available in plenty both for roads and rail transport, the fruit would reach southern states also.

In Chennai and Bangalore, presently, litchi is supplied from China and Thailand and being sold there as ‘Muzaffarpur Litchi’.

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