Changes in New Year 2021: From January 1, crossing toll plaza without fastag in the vehicle will take double the toll

Changes in New Year 2021: From January 1, crossing toll plaza without fastag in the vehicle will take double the toll

From January 1, toll plazas across the country will be fully automated. The toll tax collection at the toll plaza will be through Fastag. Traveling fast without traveling from January 1 will have to pay double toll. Special preparations have been made to implement the FASTAG system near Didarganj toll plaza. Monthly passes will also be issued for those traveling up to 20 kilometers every day. The car will be able to go through tolls countless times in a month for just Rs 275. Separate monthly passes have been arranged for commuters up to 50 km.

Toll manager Sanjeev Kumar said that between 20 and 22 thousand trains pass through Didarganj toll plaza every day. More than eight thousand people use Fastag. For the convenience of passengers, there will also be a fastag recharge at the toll plaza. Motorcycles and autos are exempted from toll. If the system passes through the toll plaza, the sensor installed there will read the Fastag chip with the help of radio frequency identification and the specified amount will be deducted from the wallet. This process does not take much time. This will also reduce the problem of jam.

This is the fee

Car: Rs 110

Truck & Bus: Rs 335

Light cargo: 165 rupees

Vehicles with heavy construction machinery: Rs 505

Large size multi-vehicle: Rs 660

Within 24 hours

Car: Rs 165

Truck and bus: 500

rupeesLight cargo: 250 rupees

Vehicles with heavy construction machinery: 755

Large size multi-vehicle: 955

If you have problems, call toll free number 1033

If you have any problem while traveling on the national highway, you can call 1033. This number has been issued by NHAI. The problem will be resolved within ten minutes of calling.

Cash back on recharge from mobile app

Fastag is electronic toll collection technology, which uses radio frequency identification. Fastag also has to be recharged like a pre-paid card. Many online payment companies are offering convenience to customers for recharge. Companies are also offering cashback to promote its use. Many banks are offering cashback including Airtel Payment Bank, PhonePe, Paytm. Fastag’s chip is mounted on the car’s windscreen as a sticker.





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