92.7 Big FM Muzaffarpur – Tune it now – suno sunao life banao!

92.7 big fm muzaffarpur92.7 Big FM Muzaffarpur

Here is the second FM of Muzaffarpur. You can tune Big FM on 92.7 MHz. The FM Radio station just launched in Muzaffarpur after successful trail. Earlier we had only Dhammal FM Radio station.

Company Overview
92.7 BIG FM, India’s No. 1 FM Station, since the launch of its first Station in September 2006, has expanded at a phenomenal pace, creating history, by launching its 45 station network in record breaking time of 18 months (barring Shimla which launched in 2009). With a presence spanning across 45 cities, 1200 towns and 52,000 villages reaching more than 200 million Indians across India, the brand is now looking towards expanding to more markets and geographies. The brand has taken FM as a medium of entertainment beyond the metros, to virgin markets, offering consumers and advertisers a new experience of this medium of entertainment. Within a short span of time, with distinctive content and innovative promotion, 92.7 BIG FM has established leadership in the FM space and firmly laid the foundation for an exciting future ahead.
The official Page of India’s No.1 FM Station 92.7 BIG FM. Visit us on: http://www.927bigfm.com

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